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The publishing House Venets is 10!

Every university is proud of his achievements. Ulyanovsk state technical university can be really proud of one of such achievements the publishing house Venets. In December 2007 Venets will be 10! Its interesting to trace the history of establishing of the publishing house from the very beginning, when the name Venets even hadnt been used, and worked only publishing department of Ulyanovsk polytechnic.

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Our gold medal and silver medal at international exhibition IENA-2006

Since the 1st till the 5th of November 2006 in Nuremberg (Germany) took place the 58th international scientific and technological exhibition Ideas, inventions and innovations IENA 2006. At this exhibition were presented four scientific innovation works of the scientists of the Universities of the Ulyanovsk region joint in the united Russian exposition of the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation.

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Engineer of the year 2005

The results of the regional contest Engineer of the Year were summed up. There were 12 candidatures nominated to the contest from the Ulyanovsk State Technical University. The contest was held in two versions: Engineering art of young specialists for participants below age of 30, and Professional Engineers for participants with a record of service over 5 years on the engineering positions.

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The Universitys Staff participated in the International Scientific Conference

November 23-25 in Moscow was conducted the International Scientific Conference Theory of the Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation. The Conference was organized on the base of the leading higher school in building specialities: Moscow State Building University.

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Postgraduate student of the University is a winner of the second round of the nation-wide contest

October 1-17 Yaroslavl P.G.Demidova State University conducted the Russian contest among students and postgraduate students of High Schools and institutions of Russian Academy of Science on the best innovative work in the priority sphere of Rational Nature Management. The Contest was held as a part of Federal Special Scientific and Technical Program Research and Development in the Most Priority Spheres of Science and Technique in 2002-2006 years.

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