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Our gold medal and silver medal at international exhibition IENA-2006

Since the 1st till the 5th of November 2006 in Nuremberg (Germany) took place the 58th international scientific and technological exhibition “Ideas, inventions and innovations” – “IENA 2006”. At this exhibition were presented four scientific innovation works of the scientists of the Universities of the Ulyanovsk region joint in the united Russian exposition of the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation.

All presented inventions of the Ulyanovsk region were awarded with different rewards of the jury and co-organizers of the exhibition.

Ulyanovsk state technical university presented two projects, and they both were rewarded with gold and silver medal of the exhibition. With the gold medal were rewarded Dean of the Faculty of Informational systems and technologies, candidate of technical science, Assistant Professor Shishkin V.V., Gabbazova A.Ya., Shamarin A.V., Khmelev V.V., Zeliaev A.E., which presented the project “Virtual chess school”. The project “Technologies of regeneration of heat from spent vapor turbine of heat and power station with the help of the air” by the workers of the Department “Heat and gas supply and ventilation”, Professor Sharapov V.I. and undergraduate student Kubashov S.E. took the silver medal. For high level of working out of heads of author’s collectives, doctors of technical sciences, Professors Sharapov V.I. and Shishkin V.V. were rewarded with diplomas of the Federal service for intellectual property, patents and trade marks.

More than 645 inventions from 30 countries of the world took part in the international exhibition “IENA-2006”. Germany, Iran, Turkey, Croatia, Russia, Taiwan - these are countries, which presented the largest in number sections of the exhibition. Russian exposition includes 67 items. Participation in the exhibition allowed Ulyanovsk scientists to show their high achievements in different fields of knowledge, and also to establish contacts for further cooperation and promotion of the presented works.

By materials of the website of the Department of Heat and power supply and ventilation www.tgv.ulstu.ru.
Khoreva Darya, Scientific and research laboratory of “STU”

Published: 29.11.2006 20:11:27
Modified: 09.12.2006 20:11:21
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