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The Dimitrovgrad institute of technology, management and design

Address of the institute: 294, Kuibysheva st., Dimitrovgrad, the Ulyanovsk region, Russia, 43510

Some facts about the institute

Branch of Ulyanovsk polytechnical institute was founded in December 1969 in Dimitrovgrad. For these years the institute has chosen several names. And now more than thirty years Dimitrovgrad institute of technology, management and design prepares specialists in different directions and specialties. For these years were prepared and graduated more than 6 thousand specialists. Among the graduates of the university are heads and key specialists of the leading enterprises of the city, the region and the Russian Federation.

DITMD trains specialists in many directions, and after completing the 5th course, students receive a diploma of higher education of a specialist. At the majority of departments is available the post-graduate study where one can continue the education.

At the institute there is a military department, where students do military training on the specialty “Clothing allowance of the army”. After the graduation students receive a military rank of lieutenant.

Preparation of students is realized at three educational faculties: technological, engineer-economical and the faculty of correspondence education.

Pre-university schooling

In DITMD schooling of entrants before entrance to the university is realized at the faculty of the pre-university schooling, which organizes enrollment to preparatory department and preparatory courses. At the preparatory department classes are conducted according to the day’s form of education and are intended for entrants, which didn’t pass entrance examinations. Preparatory courses are intended for all people, who want to prepare for entrance to the university. The education is conducted on day’s and correspondence forms.

Engineer-economical faculty

In spite of its youth, it keeps up to date and allows students to receive engineering and economical education. Education is conducted on the following specialties: “Machines and devices of textile and light industry”, “Nuclear reactors and nuclear mounts”, “Commerce”, “Management”, “Marketing” or “Business accounting and audit”.

Technological faculty

Technological faculty was founded in 1971 and now prepares specialists on the following specialties: “Technology of textile articles” on specializations: spinning of natural and man-made fibers, technology of fabrics and technology of stockinet; “Designing of textile articles” on specializations: projection and styling of fabrics, projection and designing of stockinet articles; “Software support of computer techniques and automated systems”, “Merchandizing and examination of goods”, “Designing of garments”, “Technology of garments”.

Faculty of correspondence education

At the faculty one can get a higher education, not interrupting his job; and that is especially attractive for working young people. The faculty educates professional specialists on the specialties: “Technology of textile articles”, “Designing of textile articles”, “Machines and devices of textile and light industry”, “Management”.

Since 2000 is available enrollment of students for the specialty “Business accounting, analysis and audit”, which allows working young people to broaden opportunities of getting economical education.

On the Faculty of correspondence education is very popular brief form of education, i.e. graduates of technical secondary schools and colleges receive higher education according to the program of specialists’ preparation during three and a half years. To this form of education are admitted students on compensating base according to results of an interview. Education of specialists is conducted on the specialties: “Business accounting, analysis and audit”, “Machines and devices of textile and light industry”, “Management”, “Designing of textile articles”. To those students, which successfully study at the faculty of correspondence education, are given additional vacation with reservation of wages at their work places for taking tests and examinations, preparation and defending degree works.

Since 2005 was change the list of entrance examinations: for technological faculty and the specialty “Machines and devices of textile and light industry” – physics, mathematics and Russian. For economical specialties – history, mathematics and Russian.

Do you want to study economical sciences?

“Commerce”, “Management”, “Marketing” of “Business accounting, analysis and audit” – specialists in these direction are educated at the department “Economics and production management”. Functions of managers include many creative kinds of activity, but the main are such as working out and taking of management decisions, personnel management, and perfection of forms and methods of work fulfillment. For realization of these functions one requires, first of all, thorough economical knowledge. The program of managers’ education includes large amount of management and economical subjects, such as: world’s economics, marketing, business accounting, finances, taxation, and etc.

In education of specialists on direction “Commerce” great attention is paid to the following subjects: basis of commerce activity, basis of commerce law, external economical activity, and other. Objects of professional activity of the specialists in “Business accounting, analysis and audit” are property, external liabilities, own capital, incomings, charges, and finances.

In which branch it’s possible to become a technologist?

The technological faculty consists of the following departments: “Spinning of natural and man-made fibers”, “Knitwear manufacture”, “Weaving”, “Technology of clothing manufacture” and “Mathematics and informational technologies”.

The department of spinning of natural and man-made fibers prepares specialists in the field of technology of weaving production. Tutors of the department together with students carry out scientific-research work for resource-saving technologies when obtaining new kinds of yam and technologies of its receiving. Senior students regularly take part in All-Russian contests of students of textile universities, take prize places, and perform real diploma projects. At the department is available a post-graduate study.

The department of technology of clothing manufacture educates specialists on technology and designing of garments. Students learn science of materials, fabrics for clothing, basis of designing and decorating of parts of clothing and other subjects. The department has up-to-date technological equipment and computers. Future technologists and designers under the direction of the leading tutors annually take part in city, All-Russian and international contests: “Golden Needle” in Dimitrovgrad, “Couturier” in Ulyanovsk, “Admiralty Needle” in St. Petersburg, where they took prize places. Since 2000 the department began to educate students on the specialty “Merchandizing and examination of goods”.

Department of knitwear manufacture carries out preparation on the following specialties: “Technology of stockinet” and “Projecting and designing of stockinet articles”. Students learn methods of projecting and reconstruction of knitwear enterprises, renewal of produced articles assortment, estimation of technical solutions taking into account of technical-economical indexes, level of unification and standardization, level of mechanization and automation of the industry and other indexes. Planners and designers of knitwear articles create new kinds of clothing, new interweaving, taking into consideration requirements of high fashion. Experiences tutors, laboratories, equipped with up-to-date technical facilities and computers help students to realize all their creative ideas. After graduation the most gifted students continue their education in post-graduate course.

Department of weaving educate specialists on the specialties: “Technology of fabrics” and “Projecting and styling of fabric”. Projection of fabrics is a delicate art, which requires perfect knowledge of not only weaving technology, but also adjoining productions. Work of dessinator was always the most high-paid at textile enterprises: such specialists were educated only in Moscow state textile academy. At the department work highly qualified specialists, whose work is connected with research of new technologies in textile industry, development of new assortment of half-woolen fabrics working out and creating of pipe filters for water purification. On the following directions of scientific work is available the post-graduate study.

If mechanisms is your vocation

The department “Machines and devices” educate specialists on the specialty “Machines and devices of textile and light industry”. The graduates work at the enterprises of light and textile industry, at the machine-building plants, in SKV and scientific research institutes in many republics and regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. After graduation from the university mechanical engineers can project production technological equipment, production lines, organize mounting, tests, operation, technical maintenance and repair of technological equipment, analyze conditions and operating mode, estimate level of mechanization and automation of production, choose standard and support equipment in specific working environment. Worked out technologies were introduced with considerable economic effect at the enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Computer is your friend

The department “Mathematics and information technologies” since 1998 began to educate students on the specialty “Software support for computer techniques and automated systems”. Students thoroughly study mathematical subjects, computer technologies, programming, and computer graphics. Collective of the department keep in touch with many computation centers of the region: the State scientific center research institute of nuclear reactors, Dimitrovgrad auto-aggregate plant, the leading specialists of which conduct studies with students.

Prestigious specialty

Since 2000 at the department of technology of garments is available the specialty “Commodity expert and examination of goods”. Qualification of the graduate is commodity expert. Normative term of mastering the basic educational program for commodity expert training on the specialty 06.16.00 “Commodity expert and examination of goods” on the internal form of education is 5 years.

Qualified characteristic of the graduate:

Merchandizing and examination of goods is the field of economic activity concerning studying of raw materials and consumer goods at all stages of their life cycle from production to consumption.

Objects of professional activity of commodity expert are: merchandizing estimation of goods, their consumer cost, examination of quality of goods, experimental research activity in the direction of increase of commodity quality, and their safety.

Main forms of professional activity: merchandizing, experimental-researching, organizational-administrative, entrepreneurial.

Main aims of commodity expert are to:

  • Understand the main point and social meaning of his future profession, main problems of the subjects, which determine specific field of his activity, understand their correlation in the whole system of knowledge;
  • Determine requirements to material recourses, correspondence of their quality to standards, technical specifications and other normative documents, and also to contracts;
  • Take part in deciding of correspondence of material-technical equipment plans for enterprises, institutions, organizations to industrial plans, in control of fulfillment of treaty obligations, supply and realization of raw materials, equipment and finished commodity, in data preparation for claim drawing up for deliveries of poor inventory holdings and replies for customer’s claims;
  • Control availability of material recourses and finished commodity at warehouses; communicate with suppliers and customers concerning production shipment;
  • Have capabilities for project activity in professional sphere on the base of system approach, be able to work out and use models for description and forecasting of different events, carry out their qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Tomorrow is with nuclear power engineering!

Since 2001 is available one more new specialty that has considerably changed description of graduated from DITMD specialists, - “Nuclear reactors and power plants”, terms of education on internal form of education is 5.5 years. In this year was founded a department for this specialty, which was called “Nuclear reactors”. One of the problems facing the department is to provide State scientific center research institute of nuclear reactors with new specialists, which are able correctly work with nuclear and energy plants and actively take part in scientific and scientific-technical researches. It is evident, that studying requires not only excellent knowledge of special subjects, but also general technical knowledge. Students, who study on this specialty, thoroughly learn physical and mathematical subjects, and also subjects at the turn of their sciences, methods and means of research and control, programming on the languages of high level, and so on. The department “Nuclear reactors” besides training of specialists conduct optional courses on special subjects for students who study on the third course on the specialty “Machines and devices of textile and light industry”. Students who have successfully mastered these courses, along with diploma on the base specialty will receive a corresponding certificate, which will be an advantage in job placement to State scientific center research institute of nuclear reactors.

Published: 11.11.2006 18:12:16
Modified: 15.10.2007 12:44:46
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