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      Departments « Educational «

Institute of aviation technologies and managements

Director – laureate of a premium of the Council of Ministers of the SSR, candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor Lyashko Fedor Evgenievich

Address of the institute: 13, block #2, Prospekt Sozidateley, district Novyi Gorod, Ulyanovsk, Russia, 432072. Phone: +7 (8422) 20-89-95, e-mail: aviafil@mv.ru

Phone of entrance examination committee: +7 (8422) 20-99-01

The institute was founded in 1986. IATM UlSTU – is the state educational institution for the higher professional education that provides preparation of professional specialists with giving out of diplomas of the state standards on the following specialties:

16020165 “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering”

Specializations: “Technology of aircraft production”, “Program processing of constructional materials”, “Project management of aircraft industry”.

Forms and terms of education: internal – five years, internal by brief program– three and four years, internal-correspondence education (evening) – six years, internal-correspondence education by brief program (evening) – five years.

23020165 «Informational systems and technologies»

Specialization: “Informational systems and technologies at enterprises”.

Forms and terms of education: internal – five years, internal by brief program– four years, internal-correspondence education (evening) – six years, internal-correspondence education by brief program (evening) – five years.

08050765 «Management of organization»

Forms and terms of education: internal – five years, internal by brief program – four years, internal-correspondence education (evening) – six years, internal-correspondence education by brief program (evening) – 3.5 years, external studies – from 2.5 years.

0810965 «Business accounting, analysis and audit»

Forms and terms of education: internal-correspondence education (evening) – six years, internal-correspondence education by brief program (evening) – 3.5 years.

Acceptance to internal and internal-correspondence (evening) forms of education is conducted on the base of a contest according to results of entrance examinations:

“Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering”: mathematics, physics, the Russian language;

“Management of organization”, “Business accounting, analysis and audit”: mathematics, history, the Russian language;

“Informational systems and technologies”: mathematics, physics or informatics, the Russian language.

Those entrants who were not accepted by the contest, are accepted on a contract basis.

Acceptance to all forms of education by brief program (internal, internal-correspondence (evening)), and external studies is realized according to the results of an interview on a contract basis. An interview is held from June till August every two weeks. For education by brief program are accepted only those people who has secondary professional, primary professional, higher or unfinished higher education.

Preparatory courses work in the institute. Preparation is conducted in mathematics, physics, history and Russian.

Education on the course “Aircraft construction” in IATM UlSTU is realized according to curriculum of the specialty “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering”.

Aircraft constructors to be along with general for machine construction specialties subject study airplane construction and problems of aircraft designing and technologies of production of individual parts and their assembling. Creation of an aircraft requires complicated aerodynamical, strengthening and other calculations. And thought these problems are mainly solved in design department, plant designers and technologists have to solve questions of spatial coordination of aircraft elements with millimetric precision at ten meters span, working out of stockpile and other rig, calculation of technological conditions, for example, fusion, stamping, forging, cutting, bonding, control, programming of technological equipment. Aircraft industry always uses advanced methods of high industrial technologies; now the special stress is laid on increase of automation level of technological processes in the aircraft construction. This is reflected in preparation of young aircraft constructors. Application of informational technologies here is rather high.

Aircraft building is one of the most technically developed directions of machine building industry, where are accumulated achievements of different technologies. This is determined by high, and contradictory by nature requirements to flying machines. Necessity of fulfillment of these requirements stimulate development, search of technical solutions, which can be realized in airplanes. Moreover, aircraft building absorbs achievements of other industrial directions. According to some economical reasons home aircraft building experienced now not the best times, but potential of the enterprises is high, and there are plains that gave a good account of themselves, for example, Tu-204, also there are relatively new working areas, worked-out system of industrial preparation and production of airplanes. Now the problem of recommencement of the production of planes An-124 “Ruslan” is under discussion. In general, aircraft carriers in Russia have no way out. Available airplane fleet rapidly grows obsolete, many planes don’t satisfy world’s requirements, and foreign planes are repaid only in air-lines that serve for countries with high living standards.

The specialty “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering” is realized if IATM lSTU in three specializations, which allow providing of different inquires of the base enterprise CJSC “Aviastar-SP” and other enterprises of Ulyanovsk in engineers.

Distinctive feature of specialization “Technology of aircraft production” lies in deeper studying of technology of aircraft assembling and their component parts, stockpile assembling of large dimension items with provision of high precision, surface protection, in preparation to organization and provision of correspondence production. Along with assembly aircraft building, preparation at this specialization allows successful solving of industrial problems in wide sphere of industrial applications.

Specialization “Program processing of construction materials” is directed for preparation of technologists, which work out technological processes with thorough application of computer techniques. This is working-out of managing programs for technological equipment, and automated receiving of sets of technological documentation. With the object of provisioning of more effective application of computer facilities in professional activity, into the list of specialization subjects were included subjects of informational character. Specialization “Project management of aircraft production” provides preparation of specialists directed for complex solution of design-technological tasks in the frameworks of CALS-standards, for solving of organizational problems, planning, design-technological developmental work and solving of problems of provision and sale with small staff and on the base of wide application of computer technologies.

On the specialty “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering” according to individual plans study people, who have an engineer diploma. They receive the second higher education not interrupting their work; it gives them an opportunity to get the higher status at aircraft enterprises.

Education is conducted on enough developed base of institute of aircraft technologies and management with wide use of opportunities of enterprises of Zavolzhsky district of Ulyanovsk, first of all – CJSC “Aviastar-SP”. Teaching is conducted by specialists with large experience; the majority of them have academic statuses and degrees. In scientific plan the aircraft building fills a worthy place in Ulyanovsk state technical university.

Specialization “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering” is interesting in itself. It gives graduates wide opportunities in adequate application of their abilities in industry and society.

IATM UlSTU since 2004 educate students on the direction “Informational systems” (specialty “Informational systems and technologies”, specialization “Informational systems and technologies at enterprises”).

Informational systems – is the field of science and technique, which includes an aggregate of means, ways and methods, directed for creation and application of systems of collecting, transmission, processing and accumulation of information. Objects of professional activity of engineer in direction “Informational systems” are informational systems and networks, their mathematical, informational and program maintenance, means and methods of their designing, adjustment and operation of program means in different fields. Such fields are aircraft building, machine building, instrument-making, science and education, power engineering, petroleum and gas production, administrative management, telecommunications, management of technological processes, medical technologies, light industry, building, ecology, and etc. “Informational systems and technologies” is a promising specialty with rapidly developing subject-matter. It requires from all its participants, starting with a student and completing with an academician, continuous studying of the subject, tracing and mastering of new methods and means, high level of knowledge and skills in work with computer systems, search of new solutions.

IATM UlSTU prepares specialists in the field of informational systems for aircraft and other enterprises, issuing from objective requirements of the industry, the sense of which lies in the following: engineer on informatics, providing maintenance of designer and technological work, have to know this information and be able to conduct designing and technological projection. When solving specific industrial problems this gives our graduate an indispensable advantage of other specialists in informational technologies who studied in other universities.

Educational process is based on tutors’ staff, which has serious academic degrees or practical experience in informational direction at serious positions, on good material resources, including large amount of computer, access to Internet, licensed software, and the library. An important base of specialty development is use of workings on informational direction in the frameworks of the specialty “Aircraft construction and helicopter engineering”, preparation on which is conducted during 20 years.

The graduate can fill the following posts directly after graduation: engineer-programmer (programmer); engineer on automated management systems; engineer for adjustment and tests of automated equipment; engineer (designer or technologists) and other positions, corresponding with his qualification.

Students of the specialty 061100 “Management of organization” get thorough knowledge in the field of management theory, economical theory, informatics and other fields of knowledge, which are necessary for professional activity of the manager.

Main types of professional activity of the manager are administrative, organizational, economical, budget, marketing, information-analytical, development works, diagnostic, innovative, methodical, consulting, educational. Level of specialists’ preparation in the field of management is proved by numerous rewards of students for prize places in All-Russian contests on management, in scientific conferences of different level, diplomas of Ministries, publications in prestige scientific editions and other high results in study and scientific work.

Work of the manager is mainly exploring and creative. To such work do our students prepare, and that is why our graduates don’t have serious problems with job placement, but also obtain quick promotion. So, many of the graduates of 2001 – 2004 now work as key specialists, heads of departments and chief executives of respectable companies. At the department “Economics, management and informatics” is available post-graduate study, where continue their education some of our best graduates.

Students of the specialty 060500 “Business accounting, analysis and audit” acquire knowledge in the field if economical theory, business accounting, analysis of economical activity, audit, taxation, marketing at the enterprise and other fields of knowledge. In educational process are widely used informational technologies, students acquire skills of working with information. Qualification of the graduate is economist; the specialist has an ability of cooperating with other people, in particular, conduct negotiations, settle conflicts, work in mixed culture surroundings. For this purpose students get knowledge in the field of psychology, pedagogics and law.

The priority aim of scholastic staff is to orient students for scientific work. Students have an opportunity to publish the results of their researches, participation in seminars, conferences and contests in Ulyanovsk and other cities. Successes of our students are estimated at All-Russian level. Here are some of them: diploma of the 1st degree of the contest of business games in All-Russian students contest in management (Samara, 1999); diploma of the 2nd degree of All-Russian students contest in management for scientific report (N. Novgorod, 2000); diploma of the 3rd degree of All-Russian contest in management (2002, Ulyanovsk); diplomas of All-Russian contest of diplomas projects and All-Russian contest for the best student’s scientific work (2003), diploma of the 2nd degree of the festival “Management of the 21st century” and other.

Great attention is paid to pedagogical work, creation of favorable psychological environment for person development in students’ groups. Students of the university have all possibilities to show their worth and develop their creative capabilities in literature and dance studios, KVN commands, and vocal groups. Such holidays as “Dedication of freshmen to students”, “International Student’s Day” became traditional in the university. Creative students’ collectives of the university actively take part in students’ festivals and KVN games, different events of the city and the region.

In the university is conducted work for increasing of scientific-methodical level of tutors. It is realized for the expense of education in internal and correspondence post-graduate course, scientific work, publication of scientific and methodical works, and fulfillment of economic and scientific-research works.

Job placement for graduates is provided by the department of practice and job placement, which was established in 2004. It gets in touch with the graduates of the previous years: traditionally at the end of February are held meetings with the graduates.

Published: 11.11.2006 18:06:21
Modified: 13.11.2006 16:41:17
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