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UlSTU Scientific library

Director – Smirnova Tamara Mikhailovna

Phone: +7 (8422) 43-90-02

The library stock is the richest collection of scientific, educational, and fiction literature and includes 1163 documents. There are also presented works of University scientists. Every year the library receives more than 20 thousand editions, 50 kinds of news-papers and 400 types of magazines.

More than 14 thousand readers visit the library. At their disposal are three inter-library exchanges, six reading-rooms, interlibrary loan, scientific-bibliographic department, two libraries of the University institutes. All organization departments of the library serve about 42 thousand readers, they give out 955 thousand editions per year. Every day 1700 people visit the library.

Every year the library organizes 200 subject exhibitions, conducts more than 150 discussions and bibliographic round-ups, performs 17 thousand librarian-bibliographical references; every week organizes an exhibition of new literature receipt. Since 1969 the library is the regional methodical center of the libraries of educational institutions of higher and professional secondary education.

Now the library is equipped with 17 modern computers, combined into a local librarian network with access to the University network and to Internet, 6 printers, a scanner, 2 xerocopy machines. Since 2001 in the library is used the licensed automated information-librarian system “MARC – SQL”. Data bases of the library contain about 100 thousand names of books and articles. They are available for the readers in a catalogue room of the library and on web-sites in Intranet and Internet (http://lib.ustu, http://library.ulstu.ru). There you can find:

  • Computer catalogue “Books” – which contains information about books that were received by the library since 1990 (fiction literature – since 1995);
  • Computer catalogue of magazine articles with annotations. This catalogue is created in the frameworks of the Corporative union of the libraries of Russia for interdepartmental analytic inventory of articles (IAIA);
  • Simbiriada (catalogue of the local history);
  • Legislative materials.


Hall of catalogues of library with computer terminals
Hall of catalogues of library with computer terminals
Library of fiction
Library of fiction
Reading room of scientific library
Reading room of scientific library

Published: 17.10.2006 14:15:19
Modified: 18.10.2006 16:27:44
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