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Faculty of economics and mathematics

Savinov N.V.

Dean – the candidate of physic-mathematical sciences, assistant professor Savinov Nikolay Vasilievich

Phone: +7(8422) 43-19-75; E-mail: emf@ulstu.ru; web: http://emf.ulstu.ru

Faculty of economics and mathematics is the youngest faculty of the university. It solves two objects – carries out preparation of all university students in economics and mathematics, and prepares specialists of economic and mathematical sciences.

Today more than 2000 students study at the faculty, including students from Chinese People’s Republic. In 2006 education in this faculty will be carried on budget or contract basis (for payment).

Students are trained by more than 100 tutors, including 13 professors and doctors of science, 11 academicians and corresponding members of different academies, 47 candidates of science.

At the faculty is conducted great scientific work. The magistrates and post-graduate course actively work. There is a board for doctor’s thesis defending. Also are held international conferences. Tutors work on probation abroad; speak in public with reports in Europe.

All departments have a good laboratory base. In education process, besides common university, are also used four department display class-rooms, equipped with computers PENTIUM II, III, IV. The general-university center CAPR was established in 1997, it is now equipped with the latest technical facilities.

In 2006/07 academic year education of certified specialists will be conducted on the following specialities:

  • Management of organization
  • Commerce (trade business)
  • Marketing
  • Finances and credit
  • Business accounting, analysis and audit
  • Personnel management
  • Management of quality
  • Applied mathematics and informatics

Students who study at the speciality “Management of organization” master knowledge of social-humanitarian, economic and engineering-technical character. Economic and management units include studying of world economic system, theory and practice of management, business and market, finances and bank business, marketing and advertisement, management of technological processes and enterprise, sociology and social psychology, conflict science, law, etc. Engineering-technical unit is presented by such subjects as safety of vital activity, informatics and modern informational technologies, technological processes of branches. The whole educational process is accompanied by intensive computer training. Graduates can apply their knowledge and practical skills in the sphere of management of economic and technological systems, in business undertakings, in the field of marketing – everywhere, where are required conducting of management functions and organizing of different processes.

Students, who study at the speciality “Commerce”, get professional and special experience in business activity, in the market of means of production, consumer goods and services, in work with customers and suppliers, what allows graduate to work successfully in business spheres and in commercial undertakings at the enterprises of all property forms.

Students, who study on the speciality “Marketing” get professional knowledge and skills on the following directions: service marketing, marketing of financial sphere, marketing of means of production, strategic marketing, applied marketing, international marketing. Given large volume of knowledge about application of marketing toolkit allows post-graduates of this speciality to work successfully in marketing departments at enterprises and companies of different types of business activity: financial, commercial, industrial, public, consulting and others.

Students, who study on the speciality “Finance and credit”, receive knowledge about objective laws and peculiarities of development of financial, bank and insurance economy sectors, study Russian and international experience of management of financial floods at enterprises and organizations, mechanisms of attraction of home and foreign investments. These and other knowledge in the field of financial management allows post-graduates to successfully work in banks, insurance companies, and financial departments of enterprises and companies.

Students, who study on the speciality “Business accounting, analysis and audit”, besides traditional generally educating subjects, also study such special subjects as theory of business accounting, management accounts, accounting book-keeping, audit, finances, taxation and taxes, business accounting in banks and budget organizations, finance and credit, etc.

Practice activity of specialists is connected with solving of tasks on organizing of accounting and registration of availability and motion of property, industrial and circulation expenses, fulfillment of charges estimates, production realization, finance, accounting and credit operations of managed objects.

Given qualification is “Economist”. Field of professional activity of the post-graduates of this speciality are enterprises and organizations of all legal-organizational property forms, spheres of state budget and off-budget institutional structures (banks, exchanges, insurance companies, retirement funds, audit companies and etc.).

New promising speciality is “Personnel management”.

Staff management must know how to:

  • Help young people to choose an occupation
  • Test candidates for correspondence of their personnel qualities to requirements of a certain profession
  • Provide a worker with conditions of raising the level of his/her skills and career advancement
  • Solve conflict questions, which happen between workers and admiistration

To successfully manage with these functions, one can master knowledge in such scientific fields as economy, sociology, psychology, law. But education of personnel management specialists is directed not only for studying these knowledge. They must be able to work with computers, develop and apply programs of testing and selection of personnel, raising their qualification. One can add to this some more requirements: competent record keeping, creation of favorable moral climate in organization, protection of interests and rights of workers.

When a student acquired all necessary knowledge, skills and attainments, specialist in personnel management can work personnel department, placement service, labor department, trade union committee. He can apply his abilities everywhere, where is required competent and professional management of the main factor of any organization – human resources. Everybody knows that staff solves everything!

The speciality “Quality management” is directed for graduation of highly qualified specialists in one of the rapidly developing spheres of activity of an enterprise – quality management. Quality management is an integrating management of any organization, independently of kind of production or services and property forms, and scales. Engineer-manager is a qualification of a graduate according to diploma. His duty includes all problems, concerning the market, where quality is the main argument today, taken by a consumer. This is the main factor, which determines competitiveness of the company.

Professional knowledge in this branch and practice experience suppose studying of modern approaches to company management, knowing of laws, standards, certification systems, learning one of the present-day means of company management – quality systems and quality management methods dealing with them, informational technologies and so on.

Qualified specialist in the field of quality is a key worker of the enterprise, called upon to lighten confidence of company conduct in the market by way of management of marketing, designing, production, etc.

Manager-engineer, manager of quality systems, quality professional, director of quality – these are the basic stages of career for manager of quality.

In the educational process on the speciality “Applied mathematics” students receive, first of all, thorough mathematical grounding, study informatics, programming languages and translation methods, system and applied software, data bases, computer graphics, what allow students easily use present-day computer techniques in their future work.

At the same time students study subjects of general cycle of humanitarian sciences, ecology, and physic.

On the base of general mathematical and computer preparation student complete their study on one of two chosen specialities: “Informational technology of image processing” (Department “SAPR”) or “Mathematical and informational maintenance of economic activity” (Department “Applied mathematics and information”). Mathematical base in both cases are thorough courses of probability theory and mathematical statistics, and also theories of accidental processes. At the same time, those students who specialize in provision of economic activity, study such subjects as financial mathematics, econometrics, management, business accounting, money circulation and credit.

Graduates of the faculty, who have inclination for scientific work, can continue their education in two-year magistracy.

Economic-mathematical faculty possesses everything what is needed for full conducting of studies with students. Faculty has four display classes, equipped with modern computer technique, Pentium III and Pentium IV computers, color image scanners, large-format printers for color images. Display classes are equipped with modern licensed software for economic and statistical data analysis, systems of automated projection and geo-informational systems. At the faculty works a class-room, equipped with multimedia and presentation technique for lection and seminar conducting.

On the faculty for already several years is available education on the specialities: “Management of organization” and “Marketing” in the form of external study. Education is provided on a contract basis with payment for each studied subject. At that, since it doesn’t suppose any classes with a tutor but consultations, it is the cheapest form of education.

External study is especially popular among people who want to get the second higher education, or receive higher education having a specialized secondary one, because it is very flexible form of education concerning terms, allowing student to combine work and study. External study is in high demand among students of UlSTU who study on technical specialities, because it provides an opportunity to get two diplomas by the end of education, what increases their chances to find well-paid job and make a good career.

Please, contact dean’s office on all questions concerning entrance and study at the faculty of economics and mathematics. Main building, auditorium #405, phone +7 (8422) 43-19-75

Published: 15.10.2006 15:55:41
Modified: 10.11.2006 23:00:51
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