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Humanitarian faculty

Volkov M.P.

Dean – PhD, Professor, Volkov Michail Pavlovich.

The Faculty was established in 1992.

The Faculty comprises the following Departments: The Department of Political Science, Sociology and Public Relations, The Department of Philology, Publishing and Editing, The Department of Foreign Languages, The Department of Philosophy, The Department of History and Culture, The Department of Physical Education and the Department of Applied Linguistics.

The Faculty trains students to become certified specialists in the fields of:

  • Publishing and Editing
  • Public Relations
  • Applied Linguistics

(Programme Length - 5 years)

The specialty "Publishing and Editing" began in 1996. Future specialists study the history of books and editing under the market conditions in our country and beyond. They are trained through the use of original manuscripts of various types - children's literature, advertisements, illustrated books of fine arts, scientific articles, journalistic materials and encyclopedias, etc.

The specialty "Public Relations" began in 1998. Much attention is given to the study of foreign languages and computer work. PR specialists graduating from the Faculty have found work in press-cutting services of state, public and private organizations, in journalism, various fields of communication, humanity, and political life, in the field of scientific and cultural exchanges, and in tourism.

In 1998 a new specialty - Linguistics - was created in the Faculty. In 2002, it was reorganized into the specialty "Theoretical and Applied Linguistics". Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge gained of two foreign languages, computer science and the Internet in educational institutions, insurance companies, tourist agencies, editing and information departments of firms and organizations, and as translators and interpreters, IT specialists, and foreign language web-site creators.

The Faculty focuses on the study of foreign languages. Students from German and English universities regularly come to the University to practise their Russian. At the Department of Foreign Languages they conduct lessons in English and German. We are proud that our students have the opportunity to master foreign languages with native speakers. The Faculty teachers and lecturers have worked abroad in leading research centres and universities in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, and Japan. The Faculty facilities include four rooms equipped with modern computers and a linguistic centre with TV sets and video tape recorders. Students watch programmes in foreign languages via satellite television.

More than 650 students study in the Faculty. They are taught by 80 teachers, among them 8 Professors (Doctors of Science), 30 Associate Professors (Candidates of Science).

From the outset, students are involved in research work and learn various some peculiarities of their future specialty. They work in the local University newspaper, in town and regional newspapers, in publishing houses, local radio and television, in state and municipal organizations, and in business.

In 2005 the Faculty has admitted 49 students on budgetary financing. Apart from this, students are enrolled on a chargeable basis.

The Faculty offers postgraduate education in the subjects of "Russian Literature", "Philosophy and Techniques of Science", and "Social Philosophy". The Faculty has a specialized Council on defence of dissertations ("Philosophy and Techniques of Science", "Social Philosophy").

Entry Requirements:

If you are applying for the specialties "Publishing and Editing" and "Public Relations" you must take examinations in

  • the Russian language
  • the history of Russia
  • a foreign language (English or German)

If you are applying to the specialty "Theoretical and Applied Linguistics" you must take examinations in

  • mathematics
  • the Russian language
  • a foreign language (English or German)

Our address is:

The Main Building,
Room 313
32, Severny Venetz

Tel.: 8 8422 43-02-21
e-mail: luda@ulstu.ru

Published: 15.10.2006 15:53:39
Modified: 11.11.2006 10:30:20
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