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Building faculty

Dean – candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor Tur Vitaly Ivanovich

Phone +7 (8422) 43-01-86, +7 (8422) 43-93-02; E-mail: tur@ulstu.ru

Only in our university, the only one in the city, you can get education on the specialty “Building” and “Architecture”

Faculty departments:

  • “Building industry and materials”
  • “Architectural and building projection”
  • “Building constructions”
  • “Heat and gas supply and ventilation”
  • “Theoretical and applied mechanics”

Directions of education and faculty specializations:


  • «Building»
  • «Architecture»


  • “Industrial and civil engineering”
  • “Heat and gas supply and ventilation”
  • “Design of architectural environment”

Today at the faculty study more than 600 students. 43 tutors teach them, including 7 professors and doctors of sciences, 2 academicians and corresponding members of different academies, 24 assistant professors and candidates of sciences.

Students conduct scientific-and-research and research-and-development work on the subjects: “Development and applying in industry of effective ferroconcrete constructions”, “Developments of effective building materials, including with the use of industrial coproducts”.

There are computer rooms at the faculty, which are equipped with modern technical facilities: training laboratories, specialized reading room, studios of drawing, painting, and sculpture. You can study in accelerated groups on the course “Building” after graduating from specialized secondary school of the similar orientation. You have an opportunity to make a scientific career; post graduate study is available at the faculty. Our graduating students are very competitive in the labor-market. You can work for buildings companies and enterprises of building industry, at the enterprises, which are connected with power supply (“Vodokanal”, “Ulyanovskenergo”, heat networks, “Rosgas”).

There is also an opportunity, provided at the faculty, to receive an education on the base specialties on the contract base (for payment).

Building department of UlSTU trains highly qualified specialists in the field of building, who have high cultural level, broad range of interests and great erudition.

At the faculty you can receive a complete higher education with getting a qualification of the civil engineer on the following specialties:

  • “Industrial and civil engineering”;
  • “Heat and gas supply and ventilation”;
  • “Design of architectural environment”.

You can also continue higher education, started in some other higher educational institution, raise the level of your qualification as an engineer or technician, enter and study at the post-graduate course on the following specialties:

  • “Building materials and units”;
  • “Building constructions, houses and erections”;
  • “Thermoelectric power stations, their power systems and units”;
  • “Durability dynamics of machines, devices and gear”.

High quality of education at the faculty is provided by the tutor’s staff, which includes 5 professors, 22 candidates of sciences. Graduating of specialties is realized by 4 departments:

  • Building industry and materials;
  • Building constructions;
  • Architectural and building projection;
  • Heat and gas supply and ventilation.

The department “Building industry and materials” provides students with knowledge in the field of building on the base of progressive methods of building and construction erection in any every spot on the globe with the use of the latest machines and mechanisms. During the educational process is used building experience of the native and foreign companies, using of high-quality materials and constructions, geodesic devices, and also students receive necessary economic knowledge in management and marketing, satisfying the requirements of market conditions and international standards.

Many people go to gyms, movie theaters, live in high buildings, even not thinking that elements of these constructions could break or fall. This confidence is based on the fact, that specialists correctly rated and made these constructions. The department of “Building constructions” helps students to acquire necessary knowledge for projection of wooden and plastic, metal and ferroconcrete constructions; conduct tests of pre-production models of building constructions.

Department of “Architectural-and-building projection” gives knowledge in territory improvement, creation of the most winning dimension-planning solutions of apartment houses , industrial and agricultural buildings and constructions, inculcate skills in creation of modern interior of dwelling, administrative, public, industrial and agricultural buildings.

The specialty “Design of architectural environment” satisfies the requirements of civil and industrial enterprises in decoration, art designing and technical aesthetics, improvement of city and regional villages’ architecture. When our graduates become architects and designers, they deal with designing of civil, public and industrial buildings, their interiors, small architectural shapes, improvement of the territories of dwelling micro districts.

The department “Heat and gas supply and ventilation” gives all the necessary knowledge about the best ways of heating, gas supply, conditioning and ventilation of all life-support systems of apartment houses and industrial constructions.

Graduated engineers of the specialty “Heat and gas supply and ventilation” is intended not for one or two base enterprises, but for majority of industrial, building and energy enterprises. That is why an engineer of the specialty “Heat and gas supply and ventilation” can find a good job practically at any of the largest city enterprises.

At the faculty is actively and effectively conducted scientific work in the field of building constructions and materials, technologies, systems of heating, ventilating and conditioning. The faculty has the state license for designing of apartment, industrial and agricultural buildings and constructions. Size of economically-contractual works is several hundred thousands rubles.

The faculty can provide students and all who wish with chargeable additional educational services:

  • Building College for further entering the 3rd year of the university;
  • conducting of additional classes for computer users;
  • on education of specialists working on real estate market

The faculty has stable and profitable connections with foreign universities, including the Higher technical school of Darmstadt (Germany), where students since the third year have practical training, and then probation.

Published: 15.10.2006 15:50:57
Modified: 15.11.2006 17:03:20
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