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Power faculty

Dean – Candidate of technical science, Professor Magazinnik Lev Teodorovich

Phone: +7 (8422) 43-02-83, +7 (8422) 43-93-34; email: mlt@ulstu.ru

In conditions of economic crisis the energy complex proved to be the most stable branch. Energy consumption was slightly reduced, and problems of energy saving, in connection with tariffs increase, gain in an important significance in large enterprises and in spheres of small and medium business as well. As a result of this fact, demand in energy specialists doesn’t come down, and considerably exceeds number of our graduates.

The faculty develops and perfects teaching in traditional directions - “Electro-energetics”, “Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electro-technologies”.

For administration of complicated energy economy now works an automated control system, based on computer using. Power supply specialist will deal with working out, projection and exploitation of such automated systems of electric power supply.

Future engineers-electricians of the specialty “Power supply” study theoretical foundations of power supply of industrial enterprises, electric mains, different automation systems, teleautomatics, measuring-calculating systems, with the use of which is realized control of stations, substations and electric mains.

Specialty “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes” is necessary for providing of effective work of the whole national economic complex of the country. Modern adjustable and automated electric drives are sources of machine movement and basis of their automation. In their turn automated machines (machine tools, rolling mills, pump units and so on) form automated and computerized technological complexes, which provide the highest work productivity and quality of finished product. It’s worth mentioning that the most advanced automatic machines, creating so called “unmanned production” (robots, autopilots, and etc.) are created on the base of adjustable electric drives. That is why fields of application of knowledge and skills of graduates of this specialty are practically unlimited.

Since 1998 at the faculty are opened two new specialties, satisfying modern demands of energy economy and technically developed society.

One of the most modern specialties of the faculty is “Industrial heat-and-power engineering”. In 2002 graduated the first students of heat-and-power engineers. Earlier in UlSTU was available education only in electro-energy and electro-technical directions, what had leaded to deficiency of certified heat-and-power engineers in Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region.

Heat-and-power engineering is a branch of heat engineering, which deals with transformation of heat into other types of energy, mainly into mechanical and electrical. Big demand of the region in qualified heat-and-power engineer specialists is easy to explain. Heat-and-power engineering is the basis of the national economic complex, heart of industry, transport and communal services. In heat-and-power engineering are concentrated large reserves of economy and rational use of fuel-energy resources.

Effectiveness increase and use of energy-fuel resources and environment protection from fuel combustion products are actual national economic problems. These problems solve our graduates, acquiring deep knowledge in this field.

It’s hard to overestimate meaning and attraction of the specialty “Engineering environment protection” for university entrants. They will solve one of the most important problems of the 21st century – prevention of ecological catastrophe, approaching of which feels any of us.

They will deal with projection, adjustment, exploitation and perfection of eco-bio-protective technique and technologies, organization and management of environmental work at enterprises and in the regions, examination of technological and production projects, production certification with the purpose of reduction of risk of man-caused catastrophes and disasters, destructive effect upon nature and attaining of maximum ecological safety.

Along with study of special professional subjects, student of the Faculty of power engineering study foundations of economics and business, and the best students are sent to educational institutions of the USA, Germany and Great Britain for probation.

Combination of high professional qualification and computer competence with economic and business knowledge make graduates of the Faculty of power engineering competitive in entrepreneurial and engineer activity. Unemployment doesn’t threaten power engineering specialists.

Studies and sport go along together!

Students’ life is not only studies. It is many-sided and interesting. Students of the Faculty of power engineering always take part in exciting sporting events, competitions, shows of amateur art activities, evening parties, and we should say they are never behind. Not for one year the faculty is a winner and a prize-winner of all sports days of t he university: basketball, track and field athletics, chess - we are strong in these kinds of sport. And many heads of industrial enterprises, banks, and different companies, former members of combined teams of the university, city, and the region graduated from the Faculty of power engineering! Among the most successful is Sergey Bazhanov – candidate of master of sports in biathlon (now he is the president of “Oneksimbamk”, St. Petersburg).

There is a tradition at the Faculty of power engineering to celebrate the Day of power engineering specialists with a sporting holiday. It is an original tradition of taking fresh-year students into friendly university family, when take place celebration of the best faculty sportsmen and graduates, when freshmen see many demonstrative performances, and also take part in sporting events, as if they took the baton from senior students. And no wonder that the faculty is considered to be the most sporting at the university. There is some kind of a cult of physical culture and healthy way of life in the university. Former champion of the city in sporting gymnastics L.T. Magazinnik - our dean – is always accurate and neat. Today he prefers ski and big tennis. Universal sportsman, ardent volleyball player, chess player is Assistant Professor of the department “Power supply” Yu.S. Krezhevsky. Professor V.N. Dmitriev is an admirer of sauna and health-improving running, Assistant Professor A.L. Kislitsin and others play big tennis. Students are not behind. Students of the Faculty of power engineering are members of combined team of the University and the Ulyanovsk region, they are candidate to master of sports in orienteering, student of the 2nd course Kliuchnikova Anna, winner of city basketball competitions – Slepukhin Vitaly, champion of the city in track-and-field athletics Peregudov Alexei, champion of the Volga region in karate Nikitin Vladimir, the best basketball players of 2004 Yurtaeva Elena and Zhuravleva Olesya and many others. It is really can be said about the Faculty of power engineering that “Studies and sport go along together!”

And one can’t imagine KVN without our participation. We don’t have time for boredom. We are the best students. In 2004 the Faculty of power engineering took the 1st place in the festival of amateur arts “Students’ autumn”.

Active leisure and physical culture are excellent helpmates for studies. It’s noted that sportsmen of the highest categories have good study achievements. And though it’s not easy to study at the technical university, healthy way of life, which became a standard of the faculty, will double your strength. And you’ll understand that it was a right decision to choose the Faculty of power engineering.

Kinds of professional activities of the graduates of the Faculty of power engineering

At the specialties of the Faculty of power engineering according to State educational standards students are prepared to the following kinds of activity:

  • Research and development and technical-industrial work that requires application of modern achievements of national and foreign science and technique;
  • Scientific and research work that requires conduction of theoretical and experimental (including mathematical experiment) investigations with the use of modern technical means and informational technologies;
  • Exploitation and service work, which requires exploitation and maintenance of power engineering objects and power engineering devices;
  • Assembly and fixing work;
  • Organizational and administrative.

Objects of professional activity of power engineer specialists are:

For the specialty “Power supply”:

  • Electrical stations and substations, power lines;
  • Electro-energy systems;
  • Power supply systems of objects of technique and economy branches;
  • Electrical economy of industrial enterprises, all industrial low-voltage and high-voltage equipment, electro-technical plants, power circuits of enterprises, organizations and companies.

For the specialty “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes”:

  • Electric machines, transformers, technique of strong and weak magnetic fields, electro-mechanical complexes and systems, including their regulating and control;
  • Electric and electronic devices, complexes and systems of electro-mechanical and electronic devices, automatic devices and systems of energy flow control;
  • Transformers and devices for converting of electric energy into mechanical and vice versa.

For the specialty “Industrial heat-and-power engineering”:

  • Technological plants for production, distribution and use of heat;
  • Steam and water-heating boilers of different purposes, reactors and steam-generators of atomic power plants;Steam and gas turbines, power units;
  • Plants for production of compressed and liquefied gases, compressor and refrigerator plants, air conditioning systems, thermal pumps;
  • Units, systems and complexes of high-temperature and low-temperature heat technologies, chemical reactors;
  • Auxiliary heat engineering equipment, heat and mass exchanging devices of different purposes;
  • Heat networks;
  • Conditioning units for heat carriers and actuating mediums;
  • Technological liquids, gases and steams; melts and solid and granular materials as heat-carriers and working mediums of energy and technological plants; fuel and oils;
  • Normative and technical documentation and standardization systems, methods and means of equipment testing and quality control of finished output.

For the specialty “Engineering protection of environment”:

  • Emission points of pollution agents, energies and other influence factors on environment (production and territory on the whole);
  • Means and methods of monitoring and effect control on environment;
  • Energy saving and reduction of energy influences upon environment;
  • Organizational and technical events for increase of ecological safety of industrial productions.

For the specialty “Safety of technological processes and productions”:

  • Man, danger, connected with human activity and dangerous natural disasters;
  • Potentially dangerous technological processes and productions;
  • Methods and means of human protection, objects of economics and environment from danger and deleterious effect;
  • Methods and means of estimation of danger and man’s impact to habitat;
  • Methods and ways of work fulfillment with taking into account rules of labor protection.

Main consumers of power engineering specialists

Curriculum for specialists’ preparation is worked out by the departments of the Faculty of power engineering with such intention, that the graduates could apply received knowledge in different branches of national economy and at the enterprises of different forms of property. Main consumers of our graduates are:

  • Heat and hydraulic electric power stations;
  • Boiler houses;
  • Heat and electric networks;
  • Enterprises of fuel-energy complex;
  • Enterprises of heavy and machine-building industry;
  • Enterprises of light, food and refrigeration industry;
  • Building (with regard to microclimate provisioning);
  • Agriculture;
  • Enterprises of automobile and aircraft industry;
  • Enterprises of electro-technical industry;
  • Scientific-research and design institutions;
  • Special-purpose institutes of Academy of sciences;
  • Business structures and subdivisions, dealing with energy savings;
  • Centers of standardization, certification and examinations of power and eco-bio-protective technique and technologies;
  • Departments of organization of nature-protective work.

More than half of heads of the highest management level in Ulyanovsk power system, Ulyanovsk city electric networks, in service of Ulyanovsk power supervision, and in other large enterprises and organizations of Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region are graduates of the Faculty of power engineering. Graduate of 2001 Gribov Denis Evgenievich is a head of the Committee for youth affairs, the Deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, and graduate of 2000 Ostroverkhova Anna Dmitrievna is a head of department of the Administration of the Ulyanovsk region.

The faculty was established in 1963. Only in our university, from all city universities, you can receive engineer specialties in the field of electro and heat-and-power engineering, automation, and engineering protection of environment.

Departments of the faculty:

  • “Power supply”;
  • “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants”;
  • “Heat and power engineering”;
  • “Vital activity safety, ecology and chemistry”.

Specialties for preparation of certified specialists (term of education is 5 years):

  • “Power supply” (electrical engineer),
  • “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes” (electrical engineer),
  • “Industrial heat-and-power engineering” (heat-and-power engineer),
  • “Engineer protection of the environment” (ecology engineer).

Specialties for preparation of certified specialists according to reduced programs (term of education is 3.5 years):

  • “Power supply” (electrical engineer),
  • “Electric drive and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes” (electrical engineer),
  • “Industrial heat-and-power engineering” (heat-and-power engineer),
  • “Safety of technological processes and productions” (engineer).

Today at the faculty study 950 students. They are trained by 53 tutors, including 10 professors and doctors of science, 9 academicians and corresponding members of different Academies, 42 Assistant professors and candidates of science.

The faculty possesses well equipped laboratories, computational center of the faculty.

Acquired knowledge are consolidated during the practical training, which is conducted at the enterprises of Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Togliatti and other cities.

Students actively take part in scientific and research work under the direction of the leading scientists of the university. Many workings out of students have practical value and are used at the enterprises of Ulyanovsk and the region.

Together with the main specialty you can get the second higher education in the field of economics and business.

At the faculty is available a contract-base payment education

Graduates of secondary schools and colleges have an opportunity to receive higher education according to reducted program - for 3 years.

You can make a scientific career – post graduate and doctoral studies are available at the faculty.

For entering the faculty one must pass the following entering examinations in testing form: mathematics, physic, and the Russian language.

Published: 15.10.2006 15:49:11
Modified: 09.12.2006 20:08:19
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