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Radio engineering faculty

Dean – Candidate of technical sciences, Assistant Professor Rogov Victor Nikolaevich

Phone: +7 (8422) 43-02-68, (8422) 43-93-03; email: rtf@ulstu.ru

The faculty was established in 1962. Study is conducted according to multilevel educational system.

Specialties for preparation of certified engineers (5 years):

  • “Radio engineering”;
  • “Projection and technology of electronic means”;
  • “Telecommunication networks and communication systems”.

Specialties for master’s degree (6 years):

  • “Radio-electronic means of special purpose and technology of their production”;
  • “Informational technologies of electronic means projection”;
  • “Componentrys and devices of electronic computer tools”;
  • “Microwave technique and antennas”;
  • “Reception, transmission and processing of signals”.

More than 800 students study at the faculty today. They are taught by 44 tutors, including 6 professors and doctors of sciences, 4 academicians and corresponding members of different academies, 28 assistant professors and doctors of science.

From the first year of educating students conduct research and development work.

Under the direction of tutors and engineers of the Faculty of radio engineering and with participation of our students in UlSTU was created the laboratory of educational television. It provides conduction of classes in specially equipped rooms with the use of transmitter-receiver television devices.

There is a laboratory of operational communication facilities at the Faculty of radio engineering, where students join to radio sport, and also to research of mobile means of communication.

The faculty maintains business relations with the leading enterprises of the city. Branches of the departments are opened at some of these enterprises (UMZ, NPO “Mars”, NPO “Itil”). This promotes job placement of graduates of our faculty according to their specialties.

There are computer rooms at the faculty, which are equipped with modern facilities, educational laboratories and radio station.

The Faculty of radio engineering offers the following types of education:

  • School leavers and those people, who have specialized secondary education can receive higher education for 4-5 years.
  • Graduates of technical schools and specialized secondary educational institutions can receive higher education for 2-2.5 years.
  • People with uncompleted higher education may complete their education according to individual schedule and terms of education.
  • Specialists with higher education have an opportunity to receive the second higher education in present and new directions of science and technique, and study in post-graduate course at any of the faculty departments.
  • To specialists of working specialties and different workers we offer short-term extension courses, after which they will receive a certificate according to the university profile.

Published: 15.10.2006 15:47:43
Modified: 09.12.2006 19:02:46
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