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Machine-building faculty

Dean – Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Honored worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation Tabakov Vladimir Petrovich

Phone: +7 (8422) 41-79-96; email: msi@mf.ulstu.ru, web: http://mf.ulstu.ru

The faculty was established in 1957. More than 40 graduates of specialists were realized here. Only in our university, the only one from all universities of the city, you can receive qualification of the engineer with wide-section preparation, which allows our students work practically in any branch.

General information

More than 950 students annually use advantages, which are provided by education at the faculty. These advantages are:

  • Semi-centennial cultural and educational traditions;
  • Guarantees of high quality, corresponding with world’s level educational service provisioning;
  • Perfectly organized and constantly developing infrastructure for assistance in obtaining present day knowledge, skills and abilities, and also methods/types of professional thinking, good for productive activity and successful career (at any branches of modern economy);
  • Especially developed and organized in the course of many years conditions for mastering of applied informational (computer) technologies (up to the level of professional developers and users);
  • Optimal combination and interrelation of humanitarian and special professional education, which also includes education and training in such branches as management, marketing, economy, commercialization of objects of intellectual property, innovation, invention, culture and other;
  • No risks in job placement after education completing and constant demand for specialists in labor market, thanks to unique nature of acquiring specialization in such branches as Technology, industrial management, marketing in machine-building industry (# 120100), Technology of automated industry (# 120100), Automobiles and automobile economy (#150200), Machine and tractor building (#150100), Machines and technology of non-cutting metal shaping (#120400).

Traditions of cultural and educational activity

National and world’s recognition of the best traditions of the faculty lies, first of all, in acknowledgement of its scientific and pedagogical schooling, including acquired by tutors of the faculty certificates of conformance of the highest and excellent qualifications: Honored worker of science and technique of the Russian Federation (2), Honored worker of the higher school (1), Doctor of Science (9), Professor (10), Assistant professor (34).

Rating of one of the main sub-faculties of the faculty-department “Technology of mechanical engineering” is considered to be one of the extremely high in Russia among similar departments of the universities.

The most perspicacious university entrants and their advisors have chosen and now choose faculty for education not only by preference for this or that specialization, but in many respects, by an opportunity to learn from the legendary professors, tutors and personalities. Formula of choice of such entrants is very simple: “I go to study to Professors Khudobin L.V., Tabakov V.P., Gurianikhin V.F., Antonov I.S., Bulyzhev E.M., Kisilev E.S., Karev E.A., Piskunov Yu.P., Demokritov V.N., Diakov I.F. and to their learners and colleagues”. This means that one choose, first of all, tutors, traditions and only then future specialty.

Traditions of self-perfection and constant development of the faculty and provided education services are determined by reaction for modern requirements: tutors became diploma winners of the President program of preparation of managerial staff (Assistant Professors Dubrovsky P.V., Ryazanov S.I.), Federal program of preparation of antirecessionary directors (Assistant Professor Bogdanov V.V.), specialists in the field of intellectual property management (Assistant Professor Ryabov G.K.). After completion of the education at the faculty, its graduates keep and impart firm professional and culture traditions, acquired during their study. This is always favorable to many thousands of graduates and their success in life, among which are: Aberiasev Yu.M. – Director General of OJSC “Avtodetalservice”, Bulyzhev E.M. – President of SPH “Volga-Ecoprom”, Mikhailin S.M. – Director General of JSC “Dimitrovgrad-Khimmash”, Polianskov Yu.V. – rector of UlSU, Potemkin V.P. – Director General of JSC “DAAZ”, Prudnikov A.E. – Director General of OJSC “Hydroapparat” and many others.

Science school

Unique production of the university science school is presented by considerable series of workings out of the world’s level of novelty, significance and quality.

Scientific workings out of the universities in the fields of resource saving, ecology, high-technology production, progressive technique and technologies – computer, laser, electro-erosion, vacuum deposition of metals got numerous Russian and world’s recognition signs. To latter could be related the highest rewards of scientists and created scientific products at international exhibitions, prizes of the Government of the RF and the USSR for workings out in the field of science and technique, gratitude of the Regional Administration, etc.

Merits of science school, established at the faculty by Honored worker of science and technique Professor Khudobin L.V., his learners and colleagues, also include preparation of science specialists – scientists, researches.

Productivity of science school of the faculty in this direction is one of the highest in the country, we can even say, it is unique (more than 55 graduates of this school became candidates and doctors of sciences).

Thanks to interest and students’ attraction to research work, science school is constantly replenished with talented and gifted people. After education completion (6 years) students of the faculty receive master’s degree of technique and technology.

Informational technologies (IT)

Preparation of specialists who can manage with present-day IT is the main (along with other) priority and the most important part of strategy of the educational activity of the university.

All graduates of the faculty achieve level of “advanced user” (in computers and IT), which is completely suitable for successful career.

“Through” and full computerization of educational process and corresponding purposeful preparation of students allows many of them to become professional users and developers of IT.

That is why graduates of the faculty in future make their career and successful professional activity in the field of exploitation, developing and promotion of different IT.

Faculty departments:

  • “Technology of mechanical engineering”
  • “Cutting machines and instruments”
  • “Science of materials and non-cutting metal shaping”
  • “Automobiles”
  • “Design basis of automobiles and motor car construction”
  • “Descriptive geometry and computer graphics”

Directions of diploma specialists preparation and specialties, related to them:

657800 “Engineering and design provision of machine-building productions”
120100 “Technology of mechanical engineering”, specialties:

  • “Technology of automated production”
  • “Technology, industrial management and marketing in machine building”

552900 “Technology, equipment and automation of machine building productions”
552901 Master’s degree program “Technology of mechanical engineering”
651400 “Machine-building technologies and equipment”
120400 “Machines and technologies of non-cutting metal shaping”
653200 “Transport machines and transport-technological complexes”
150100 “Automobile and tractor building”
653300 “Exploitation of ground transport and transport equipment”
150200 “Automobiles and automobile economy”

More than 950 students study at the faculty. They conduct scientific and research, research and development work in resource saving technologies of machine building, increase of work efficiency and reliability of technological systems and their elements.

Term of bachelors’ education is 4 years, after which students receive degree of bachelor of technique and technology, studying in magistracy takes 2 years after bachelor’s study. After completion magistracy study, students get the degree of master of technique and technology. To the magistracy students are taken in according to an average mark for 4 years of education. Term of education of certified specialist is 5 years with conferment of engineer qualification.

At the faculty there is an affiliated branch of computer center of the university with four computer rooms, laboratories of electronic microscopy, X-ray analysis, electro-physical methods of processing, cutting instruments, machining facilities, automobile constructions and others.

Students can receive the second higher economical education in the Business school of the university together with main specialty, with discount.

Those people who have specialized secondary education in machine-building technology, instrumental production, repair of machining facilities, automobile building, can get the base higher education in reduced terms – for 3.5 years on the payment base.

You can make a scientific career – post graduate study and doctoral study are available at the faculty.

Our graduates are competitive in the labor market at any situation.

Modern view to machine building faculty, with taking into account points of view of its graduates, is junction to the art of creation and humanization of the second nature…, to technologies of business maintenance and conducting.

Five guarantees of machine building faculty

  1. The faculty of machine building is a guarantee of life success. There are a lot of examples of professional successes of the faculty graduates.
  2. The faculty of machine building is a guarantee of successful career. More than 80% of all graduates of the faculty now fill positions of middle/high management level.
  3. The faculty of machine building is a guarantee of present-day knowledge, abilities and skills, which are suitable for successful labor activity at any fields of modern economy.
  4. The faculty of machine building is a guarantee of education quality.
  5. The faculty of machine building is a guarantee of job placement and high competitiveness of graduates in any situations.

We don’t have unemployed graduates. And there won’t be any, while national economy complex of the country is working, i.e. while industry of Russia works and develops. “External” competitiveness of the graduates is proved by many facts of their job placement and successful work abroad (in highly developed industrial foreign countries).

Strategy, which is realized in confidence and life success of the graduates

  • Professional preparation of specialists “in advance” (for prospects) of intellectual labor market requirements;
  • Teaching of “theory and practice” on the base of realization of principles of their optimal combination, continuity and “connection” with current and prospect demands of labor market;
  • “Through” and full computerization of educational process and corresponding; preparation of advanced users and developers of informational technologies;
  • Business-education of specialists (economics, marketing, business projection, industrial managements, and so on);
  • Innovative training of specialists (innovation management, changes; invention, patenting of inventions and so on);
  • Teaching of commercialization of intellectual property objects and intellectual labor;
  • Constant assistant in job placement to all graduates.

Published: 15.10.2006 15:46:39
Modified: 09.12.2006 19:32:06
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