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Department of Physical Culture

Head of the department - senior lector Buyanov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Phone: +7 (8422) 43-02-63, Address: 32, sporting complex, Severny Venets St., Ulyanovsk, Russia, 432027

Physical training was included into the curriculum of all higher educational institutions of Russia as an obligatory subject since 1929-1930 academic year. Since then it has become an essential part of education and upbringing of students.

Direct responsibility for organizing and holding of educational and upbringing process in physical training of students according to the curriculum and state program was imposed to the Department of Physical training of the university. The aim of physical training in the university is assistance to preparation of harmoniously developed well qualified specialists.

Educational process in the university on the course of Physical Culture includes solving of the following problems:

  • breeding in students high moral, volitional and physical qualities, readiness to highly productive labor;
  • keeping and improvement of students’ health, assistance to right forming and comprehensive development of the organism, keeping up of high work efficiency during the whole period of education;
  • all-round physical training of students;
  • professional-applied physical training of students, taking into account peculiarities of their future profession;
  • acquiring by students all necessary knowledge on the bases of theory, principles and organization of physical upbringing and sporting training, preparation for work as public instructors, trainers and field judges;
  • perfection of sporting mastership of students;
  • upbringing of conviction in the necessity of regular physical and sporting trainings.

The educational process is organized depending on the state of the health, level of physical development and preparation of students, their sporting qualification. Obligatory trainings are held on the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd courses, their duration is 4 hours per week.

Students has a right to choose a sport kind, which is preferable for him at the educational trainings (volleyball, basketball, football, track and field athletics, power triathlon, weight sport, sporting orienteering, eurhythmics, groups of general physical training). Mass health-improving, physical cultural and sporting events, conducted by the department, are organized in free time during the academic year. Combined teams of the department and courses take part in them. Combined teams of the university in different kinds of sport (volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, track and field athletics, ski sport, power triathlon, weight sport, swimming, sporting orienteering and sporting aerobics) successfully take part in the regional student sports and athletics meetings (the 1st place in 2003-2004 educational year).

The best students of the university won championships of Russia and the World. S. Shtykova – the world’s champion among student in power triathlon, D. Ayziatolov – world’s champion in kickboxing, A.Bezruchkin – world’s champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, A.Khovrin – world’s champion in shikodan-karate.

Published: 15.10.2006 15:22:44
Modified: 23.11.2006 21:34:33
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