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The Universitys Staff participated in the International Scientific Conference

November 23-25 in Moscow was conducted the International Scientific Conference “Theory of the Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation”. The Conference was organized on the base of the leading higher school in building specialities: Moscow State Building University.

There were participating representatives from about 30 large cities of Russia CIS and other countries. Ulyanovsk State Technical University was represented by the Chairman of the Sub-Faculty of “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation” (TGV) Mr. Sharapov, by the assistant professors Mr. Orlov, Mr. Rotov, Mrs. Rotova, and Mrs. Yamleeva.

The organizers especially noted that the speciality is being developed very slow, that the average age of faculties of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilations Departments is above 60 years. In the report of the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference Professor Mr. Prohorov the role of the young scientific school of UlSTU in the development of issues of Heat Supply was noted (the average age at the Sub-department TGV in the UlSTU is only 35 years).

The Conference was dedicated to the 60-years Anniversary of the Victory over fascism in Great Patriotic War. The topic of the first report of the Chairman of the Organizational Committee of the Conference was “To the memories of the War’s Veterans”. At the conference were discussed the theoretical aspects and prospective directions of the scientific researches in the sphere of construction building thermal physics and energy saving technologies in buildings; heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heat and gas supply, heat generating mounts and the experience of practical application of such researches in the modern conditions.

Published: 08.01.2006 12:16:28
Modified: 10.11.2006 23:12:33


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