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Many young students take part in cultural life of the university. The center of leisure and culture “Poleks” that has at its disposal an assembly hall for 900 seats and studio of chamber theater for work of groups, ensembles of ballroom and pop dancers, circles of applied art. “Poleks” organizes show-contests, discos, entertaining programs, and festivals. The “Day of the first-year student”, “Students’ spring” and “KVN” became traditional events.

The center of culture and leisure helps to organize rest in students’ hostels, take part in development of amateur art at the faculties.

Students of the university more than once became laureates of the All-Russian show of amateur art activities in Samara.

University has its own sanatorium for students, where young people can receive medical treatment not interrupting their work or study.

Pride of UlSTU is a sporting health-improving camp “Sadovka”, which is situated in the picturesque place on the bank of Staromainsky Bay.

Museum of the university history also works. Newspaper “The Universitetskaya Panorama” is published in large editions. At many faculties work students’ editorial boards.

700 students consider hostels to be their second home, some of them came from the Ulyanovsk region, some from Russia and even foreign countries.

For those who go in for sports in the hostels are arranged sporting rooms, and for playing kinds of sport at the territory of students’ hostels are situated gymnasiums, tennis courts and so on.

One more good tradition of the university is to arrange recitals and readings, personal exhibitions of famous Ulyanovsk and Russian artists.

Published: 15.10.2006 11:39:03
Modified: 20.11.2006 19:30:29
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