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Ulyanovsk State Technical University (USTU) is situated in Central Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk that straddles the Volga river, about 900 km south-east from Moscow.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University originates from Ulyanovsk Evening Polytechnic Institute, founded according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (the RSFSR) N 308 from 06.09.57.

According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N737-31 from 12.07.62 and the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR N 1020-97 from 30.07.62 Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute was founded. Based on the Resolution of State Committee of Higher Education of the Russian Federation N 524 from 26.05.94 Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute is renamed as Ulyanovsk State Technical University (USTU).

USTU has a status of a State Federal Institution of Higher Professional Education with juridical person right according to the licence.

USTU is the academic, scientific and industrial complex, that is situated on the area of 87.3 hectares. It has a developed infrastructure.

Total area of all of the buildings of the University makes up 143.8 thousand square meters. The area used for the educational buildings makes up 89218 square meters, or 17.4 square meters per each student.

In 1996-97 the building of dormitory for 200 students was finished, and the building for 20 places in the sanitation camp was put into use.

The University has educational programs for Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education, prepares specialists of higher qualification, conducts fundamental applied scientific researches and it is the center of scientific and methodical work in its field of activity.

The University and its structure subdivisions also make the additional training and improvement of professional skills of specialists from plants and institutions, carries out the direct preparation of specialists according to the orders of the enterprises and according to the agreements with physical persons, teaches the citizens new professions, presents other educational cervices.

In addition to the technical specialities the number of new humanitarian, socio-economic and natural specialities that are of much demand was opened during the previous years.

We pay much attention to the individual training of talanted students. Since 1993 there exist some Russian-speaking groups where the teaching is conducting in English. Such kind of preparation enlarges the sphere of future professional activity of university graduates.

Since 1995 our University takes part in the realization of the federal program on distance education in the Russian Federation. This realization is conducting in cooperation with Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information Science. Within the bounds of the working agreement the regional center of distance education was founded and there was begun the training on 4 specialities. There was developed a concept and there is creating the system of distance education with the use of new information-communicative technologies on the territory of Ulyanovsk region.

There is carrying out an active work on training qualified specialists in scientific work and teaching.

Published: 14.10.2006 21:47:51
Modified: 15.10.2006 13:21:09
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