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The history of the University starts on September 18, 1957, when according to the order of Higher Education Ministry of USSR the Polytechnic Institute had been founded on the base of the branch of Kuybyshev Industrial Institute. In the year of 1993 the Polytechnic Institute obtained its current status of the State Technical University (UlSTU).

Main Hall of UlSTU

UlSTU is the largest existing school of higher education in Ulyanovsk region. It occupies the general area of 142 thousand of square meters, 89 thousand for training and laboratory facilities.

The University is one of the leading science centers in Middle Volga area. Nowadays the University is at the stage of constant growing of its faculty resources, new technologies and modern forms of learning. The transition to the multi-level system of staff retraining has been done; the new direction of liberalization in technical education has been accepted.

It became necessarily to create the new structures, which significantly improved capabilities of the basic, additional, parallel and distant education. The Faculties are now focused on the development of educational technologies with applications of modern computer-based, IT and multimedia equipment. Many new courses and specialities at the University are opened annually. This secures the interest of Youth to the knowledge and education, which is proven by the competition getting more and more complicated during the entrance examination.

Despite the general economic recession, the value of scientific researches in the contract sphere has been increased, including the sectors that are not typical for our university: agricultural and municipal economy.

The efficiency of training of the scientific manpower throughout the magistracy, post-graduate and doctorate study has been improved significantly. The special councils on the uphold of PhD and doctorate projects were created.

The University pays much attention to the improvement of international ties. It includes both trainings and education of foreign citizens at our University and the training of our students and Faculties abroad as well. We have opened the linguistic center equipped with the most modern outfit with the purpose to study the foreign languages.

In spite of the budget shortage, the University does not reduce the social sphere: the cultural and athletic programs are being improved and developed, the number of dormitories increases, the campus becomes more green and beautiful.

Published: 12.10.2006 21:13:56
Modified: 10.11.2006 23:11:37
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