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The publishing House Venets is 10!

Every university is proud of his achievements. Ulyanovsk state technical university can be really proud of one of such achievements the publishing house Venets. In December 2007 Venets will be 10! Its interesting to trace the history of establishing of the publishing house from the very beginning, when the name Venets even hadnt been used, and worked only publishing department of Ulyanovsk polytechnic.

Publishing activity started in 1957, when the university was established. But the structural department, which was responsible for preparation and editing of educational and methodic literature, was created only at the beginning of the 80-s. According to the proposal of Vladimir Vasilievich Efimov, who was the pro-rector for scientific work at that time, was created the publishing department, which included an editorial and publishing department and an offset laboratory. It was situated, as the whole university, in Engels Street, where is now situated the 1st building of the university. Nina Alexandrovna Evdokimova, the head of editorial and publishing department of the “Venets” publishing house, who is working here for more than 25 years, told us about working of this period. ‘Work has been changed greatly, comparing the time of the beginning in the 80-s, and nowadays; there were no modern equipment at that time, no computers. Text was typed on a typewriter, and this fact influenced on its readability. Only one offset machine with long print cycle was used. At that time we edited only methodical materials”.

Now authors of our university don’t face the problem of publication of educational materials or monographs. Formerly, they had to address the publishing house of Saratov state university, which had a license, and, of course, the right for publishing of literature of this kind. Our technical university didn’t have a license at that time. Later, the university received the license for publishing activity and began to publish educational and scientific literature on its own facilities. This was one of the first stages on the stair to acknowledgement of the publishing house as a full one.

In 1993 the publishing service moved from building at the center to the north part of the city. And in December 1996, by the order of the University, was established the publishing house “Venets”.

Director of the publishing house, Alexander Nikolaevich Afanasiev, recalls, that “ten years ago the publishing house looked completely different. There was no place for the whole publishing house. Parts were located at different areas, which was very inconvenient. Computer department was situated in the 109th room of the 3rd building, editorial and publiching – in 119th, – in one of the rooms of the present educational library. There was no section, where paper would be prepared. It was purchased already cut. Polygraphic base consisted of 2 of A4 format, and three computers. No local area network or Internet connection”.

In the course of time the publishing house was developing. Thanks to efforts of the university administration, the new equipment was purchased: the offset duplicator HAMADA, 2 digital duplicators of the A3 format, new computers and other technical facilities. In 2003 the publishing house moved to its own placement – an outhouse of the 3rd educational building, where it is situated now. Structure of the publishing house includes editorial and publishing department, computer department, printing-works (with sectors of offset and digital printing, stitching and paper preparation), book sales department. For ten years staff of the publishing house increased three times. It’s harmonious, friendly and well-organized collective, which base is “veterans”: Afanasiev Alexander Nikolaevich, Telenkov Alexander Mikhailovich, Evdokimova Nina Alexandrovna, Zenkina Svetlana Mikhailovna, Khanziarova Venera Irfanovna, Kostina Farida Midikhatovna, and also young people, many of which are graduates of our university.

Today ‘Venets” is a stable developing publishing house, which production is known not only in our university, but also in other. According to statistical information, manufacturing rates grow. For example, in 2002 value of printing production was 1,65 million prints, and in 2005 – 7 million. Annually, the publishing house issues more than 300 different types of book production; their total value is 2000 printer’s sheets.

Any university publishing house, first of all, should provide educational and scientific process with quality literature. “Venets” publishes methodical instructions, monographs. 15% of educational and methodical materials have signature stamps of the Ministry and educational-methodical institutions. Since 2003 together with the Institute of remote education (IRE) of UlSTU, are published educational and methodical complexes. They are intended for training of students for internal and correspondence education. Nowadays, only three or four universities in Russia have such projects, UlSTU is among them. Educational and methodical complexes satisfy modern requirements of qualitative educational process. More than 150 types of these materials were published on economical specialties and heat-and-gas supply and ventilation.

The scientific and theoretical magazine “Vestnik UlSTU” is nearly as old as the publishing house. V.V. Efimov, who was the rector at that moment, offered to publish a pilot issue, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of UlSTU. And since 1998 the magazine was published regularly.

Publishing house and the university are proud of their authors. These are the leading professors and tutors of UlSTU: Vasily Andreevich Andreev, Leonid Ivanovich Volgin, Leonid Viktorovich Khudobin, Anatoly Leonidovich Kislitsyn, Vladimir Ivanovivh Sharapov, who often writes in co-authorship with his learners, and many others. The publishing house actively cooperates with local journalists and authors: Gennady Demochkin, Liudmila Rtischeva, Vladimir Artamonov, Lidolia Nikitina and others.

The publishing house “Venets” is a participant of the project “Books of Russian universities in sight and production”, which purpose is to form an informational base of university literature with the aim of further selling.

Venets” took part in contests and book exhibitions many times: International Moscow book fair, “Russian Books” fair. In autumn 2003 12 issues of UlSTU were exhibited at the international book forum in Frankfurt. This year we sent there 10 educational and methodical complexes. In 2005 the publishing house together with IRE took part in international book exhibitions: IV Neva Forum (May, St. Petersburg) and XVIII Moscow book exhibition-fair (September, Moscow). For the first time were presented expositions of literature and electronic educational resources, including more than 200 names of educational and methodical complexes, compact disks, educational manuals and monographs. Since 2004 the publishing house takes part in the Annual exhibition-contest “Simbirsk Book”. Each year “Venets” is rewarded with diplomas.

Comparing quality of publishing production now and some years ago, one can see that difference in favor of the first variant is great. It’s connected with perfection of technologies, increase of professional qualification and reliability of workers. We can say with confidence, that now “Venets” is a publishing house of not only university, but also city importance.

Modern publishing business requires active introduction and use of informational technologies. Publishing network includes a server and seven working places (for OS UNIX). For publishing preparation are used the latest programs of Microsoft, Adobe, Corel. At the official website of the publishing house (http://venec.ulstu.ru) are regularly exhibited editions, issued for the last week, full catalogue of editions is also available there.

Much attention in the publishing house is paid to new educational technologies, in particular, to electronic editions. There was developed program and informational software for the full-text electronic library (EL) of educational and scientific editions of UlSTU with advanced search device. The section of the EL is a part of the publishing house website; there are located links to EL from UMI server and UlSTU library. In the electronic library one can find editions, which have printing variants or electronic versions of educational materials.

Though the publishing house achieved good results, it has great plans. In particular, to increase volume of printing production to 10 million prints per year, renewal of polygraphic base, stage-by-stage introduction of the complex of standards for preparation and publishing of educational and methodical materials, including hard copies, copies on compact disks, audio- and video-medias, development of software. For ten years was achieved a great deal. The publishing house has a plenty of work before him.

We sincerely wish the publishing house prosperity, creation and further success!

Published: 19.07.2007 17:52:51
Modified: 19.07.2007 18:08:41


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